Robert Vendetta’s highly energetic single “Colombian Spice”

Have you ever been so starstruck by the beauty that you just had to dance? Today’s artist, Robert Vendetta, sure has! and “Colombian Spice” is his attempt to write a song about this amazing feeling. “It’s a funky James Brown pastiche all about a gorgeous Colombian girl coming out of an elevator in Cancun!” So spicy!

Robert Vendetta releases his first single from the upcoming concept album “All By His Handsome Self” on Thursday, February 11th.

Robert Vendetta has a highly energetic unique style and his musicianship proves him to be one of today’s most charming and exciting artists. Taking a lot funkier step than his previous songs like “Date Me” and romantic ballad “Dance The Night Away”, “Colombian Spice” follows with a sassy, passionate-driven energy, and a unique modulating bridge before the climax of the song.

“Imagine James Brown inviting David Bowie and
Little Richard to a musical party honoring the magical lady who had made the most beautiful entrance ever.”

“Robert Vendetta is inspired by many great artists and bands, and on this song he borrows the groove and screams from James Brown, the intensity of David Bowie, the charm from Cornershop as well as the playing style and swag of Little Richard.” – Lazarus Music.

Robert is as charismatic as he is talented, a versatile list of songs and singles covers the artist’s views on life, sometimes sassy, sometimes a bit somber, as you can hear in his single “Local Threat”, and always with a powerful delivery of emotion and clever writing, a true master of his craft.

Lazarus Music will release his new album “All By His Handsome Self”, on September 30th. This energetic single is the first taste!

Mr. Vendetta has a growing and dedicated audience around the world. Although the touring year 2020 was clearly not as international as he had hoped, he provided concert streaming, radio and TV appearances on four continents. Can this man be stopped?

We hold nothing but high praise for this norwegian gentleman and we hope you do too. So please, go check it out right now and make today a spicier day! We also encourage you to listen to the rest of his songs as they all are so good!

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