Saint Samuel – “On A Wire”

Love can sometimes be explosive, and when two people are deeply in love but just don’t fall in love at the same time, well… Today’s song, “On A Wire” by Virginia’s own Saint Samuel delivers what that must feel. A massive production of layer after layer with deep, sad yet hopeful lyrics and a powerful voice backed by a beautiful instrumentation are what make this cinematic-vibed track so good.

The indie self-produced artist, singer, and songwriter radiates a versatile style that will have people hooked.

As Samuel himself tells us: “As soon as I finished this song, I knew it was going to be the first Saint Samuel single. It just has this energy at the beginning that makes me feel like I’m opening up a door to something completely new. I had this idea for a while about how two people are deeply in love but they just never fall in love at the same time. And then eventually, they die. But when they’re dead, they get to be together wherever it is that people go after they die.

A romantic story that transcends material world, materialised in a plethora of sounds, surely to leave an impression in the listeners ear. Beautifully sad, with a hint of hope, just what the doctor ordered!

Saint Samuel isn’t new to the music scene as he was formerly known as Sam McCoig after his 10 years spent in the music scene of Virginia, but this time he comes with straight forward, unapologetic honesty about who he is, and what he believes in. In a world so divided by different opinions and points of view, staying true to one self can be a hard task, not worrying about what other people think of you and defending who you are is a very important duty for an artist to remain authentic, and Saint Samuel is ready to be himself, no matter who, or what.

“I’m done with worrying about what other people think, or whether or not I could lose fans over standing up for something I believe in. I’m 23 years old and I’ve wasted too much time doing that.”

The track comes with a completely different approach and sound that he has never used before, using tuning and formant as a style in certain parts of the track. Most producers, including himself, are very careful about not adding too many components to a track. But this time he decided to add anything he could fit, without it loosing the clarity and main emotion of the song. This brings out the realization of Samuel’s musical abilities as well as his capacity to tell a story and make you feel that you’re part of it.

The Virginia-raised artist seeks to leave an everlasting impact on his audience, as his music evokes raw emotions. Through every release, Saint Samuel seeks to connect with listeners on a personal level which will inspire them to create something great themselves.

We recommend you stay tuned if you like his music, ’cause he has “a lot more” to come, and we wish nothing but the best for this young up-coming artist.

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