Abi Mia “Here To Stay”

Music that comes from the heart is undoubtedly the best kind of music. Those are the songs that manage to stay in our mind for the longest time, sometimes looping in our brain for days on end and, other times, coming back to us during special moments in our life — as if they were part of our personal life soundtrack. 

Abi Mia, this article’s protagonist, is definitely an artist that creates the type of music previously described. Her unique songwriting and performance style have been shining since her debut single Fly Your Way (her first track written after a ten year hiatus), and her newest release “Here To Stay” is her most intimate and emotional track to date.

The London-based independent singer-songwriter Abi Mia considers relatable messages and emotions an essential part of her work. Her music is inspired by the world around her, including her feelings and experiences, and that connection is one of the main factors that draws her audience in. The other factor is, of course, her powerful and raw vocal performance. 

Inspired by empowering female artists such as Demi Lovato, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson, Abi Mia is on the path to becoming a recognized inspirational and soulful artist.

Abi Mia certainly never misses in regards to connecting with her audience. In the case of Here To Stay, the listener is eased into a melancholic state of mind as soon as the first piano notes float into their ears. The narration in her lyrics is compelling and convinces the listener to stay, and if you still had your doubts during the beginning, her melodic voice during the chorus — alongside the rising, fairytale-esque change in tone — will reassure you of her musical talent and compelling storytelling. 

Here To Stay is a more personal and emotional track than my previous releases. I wrote this song very quickly and really was written from the heart based on what I was feeling at the time.

We all have things happen to us in the past that we want to forget, but just when we think we have forgotten, it comes back into our minds when we least expect it and brings back those negative memories and feelings. The message of the song is that sometimes it is hard to truly move on from negative things from our past completely, they may always be at the back of our mind but we will try our best anyway!”

Despite the theme of the song and the repetition of “It never goes away” at the very end, the song has a positive and uplifting message. Here To Stay lets you know that your pain is something normal, and that your struggle is valid. 

We all process and overcome certain events or emotions at different rhythms, and with this track Abi Mia lets you know that your battle will never be meaningless. Sometimes, perseverance might not lead to successfully ending our struggle, but the fight will always be commendable. 

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