“BEGDA” by Patient Lounge

In this current era of lockdowns and quarantines it seems timely to hear a track that instantly stops you in your tracks and makes you think of how much you miss live gigs… This is that track. You can picture the stage, the house-lights lowering, the hum of expectation, the delight that awaits…

Brisbane based Prog-Rock band Patient Lounge kick of 2021 with this true prog epic clocking in at just under 9 sumptuous minutes…

‘BEGDA’ brings these boys back to their progressive rock roots, blending grooving, rolling rock riffs with a penchant for odd-time and exciting solo sections from every instrument. Holding it all together, lead singer Zach’s powerful, husky vocals tell an important story of battling self-doubt. Steeped in metaphor and internal anguish, ‘BEGDA’ calls out the inner voice of resistance that holds us all back from achieving what we’re truly capable of…

“BEGDA has been a real staple of our set for a long time, almost always being our opening track. It just sets an awesome mood, and makes a statement from the start that this isn’t going to be just any other rock show, we’re here to push our own boundaries, and hopefully those of the audience,” said Patient Lounge of the new single.

This is an exuberant almost psychedelic cacophony of utter triumph that puts you in mind of latter day Opeth – except it sounds better…

Sincerely hope these dudes get to tour beyond their native Australia in the not too distant future – I for one will be ticking that Spotify box to follow these guy’s activites in the hope that when (new) normal services resume I’ll be one of the fortunate many to catch ‘em live.

Prog is alive & well folks…!

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