Jacqueline Loor “I Broke My Heart”

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. A day to celebrate true love, but also a day that reminds you of your heartbreaks and breakups. With this in mind, there’s a new potent soothing song that saw the first light today and which we can’t wait to introduce to you!

Born in Miami and now living in Tenerife, Jacqueline creates music that fits wonderfully in your mood playlists, providing a beautifully crafted dark and cinematic sound with deep lyrics that aim to help you seek solace and regain your strength when life has tripped you over. Think of her music as an understanding friend that’s always there for you when you need them most!
And when she sings, her messages become powerful and emotionally charged, gaining height on the wings of her impressive vocal range.

“I’m a female indie artist who is all about empowering other people,” she says, then introduces us to the new single.

“This is the first track I produced so I’m feeling a bit vulnerable with this one but at the same time I’m hoping to get some positive feedback so it can help light the fire under me to keep producing. I hope this song resonates with people so it can help them heal from heartbreak.”

The new single is home for all those of you with heartache from a breakup. Somber, aching and soaked in tears, the singer looks into her feelings with an attempt to understand what went wrong and comes across a revelation, the first answer and the first step towards healing.

“This song was inspired by my identical twin sister. She had just broken up with a boyfriend and the way she was feeling really reminded me of the many breakups i’ve gone through. I had an aha moment for sure after what seemed to be the 100th breakup that it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own that I always ended up with a broken heart, because I realized I kept picking the wrong people to date. I kept settling because I didn’t really believe I deserved what I really wanted. I hope this song helps empower people and know what they are worth. A lot of my songs, if not all, are all true stories meant to empower and help people heal from heartbreak.”

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