Koalra – Torture

This is truly a fine tune to embrace for two completely different ways, yet with so much in common: nostalgia! The 80’s the new wavy vibes are clear, including the distant vocals Joy Division would introduce us to in the late 70’s. But it’s also nostalgia for this very page: The Oreganian band Koalra was the very first to be featured here with their very fine Water’s Push single! Luckily they’re kind to put that on the B-side of this single on Spotify.

Their latest outing’s the Torture, to be featured on their upcoming album Into The Everything (April 2, 2021). In their own word “Torture along with our upcoming album was conceived, written and mostly recorded in various national forests across the USA. The single was one of the final songs we wrote to complete the album.”

But, predictably, to listen to Torture is anything but that. It’s a truly pleasant sound to dream away to, cover some distance on in the car, wait for a bus while looking over the boulevard. Especially compared to previous tracks, this one sounds much less punky and much more dreamy and calming. If you’re for example a fan of Motorama already, definitely give this a shot as well.

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