Rattlesnake “Crushed”

Coventry, United Kingdom-based rock group Rattlesnake have released a new single today, “Crushed.” It’s the first single for their upcoming EP, Moral indecency.

Rattlesnake formed at University of Warwick in 2019, all the members having been in the University’s student-run society for bands, BandSoc. The members of Rattlesnake share a love for indie, garage and psychedelic rock, and decided to form a band dedicated to writing, recording and performing these genres of music.

So far, Rattlesnake have released a single, Sherbourne’s On Fire, last winter (you can check out the official music video for it here); and the track “Sunny Day Delight” from this release has been played twice on BBC Music Introducing in Coventry & Warwickshire. They also recorded a great cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” last summer, which you can watch on Youtube here; as well as having performed concerts locally, around Coventry and Leamington Spa.

Rattlesnake’s upcoming EP was recorded during September at Moonbase Studios, Coventry, while lead singer Antina’s vocals were recorded in China, as she couldn’t return to the UK due to the pandemic. As George (lead guitar) writes, the track “Crushed” relates both to those struggling to find employment during this pandemic, as well as to musicians and other artists who feel like they are being pushed away from doing what they are passionate about:

The story behind ‘Crushed’ is one that I feel many musicians can relate to. I wrote it towards the end of the first lockdown in the UK, and I’d had an argument with my mum about me getting a ‘real job’. This song was me venting my frustration, not just at people telling me to get a job, but at my inability to do what I love due to the lockdown. I feel like many people who want to be in the creative industry face this pressure from wider society to do something ‘respectable’, and I hope that everyone who is struggling with the pandemic can relate!

“Crushed” mixes bright-sounding guitar chords with fuzzy distortion, accompanying the vocals, bass, and drums nicely throughout this melodic track; the result is quite catchy, and a thoroughly enjoyable listen. The occasional spacey effects, as well as a wonderfully feedback-laden guitar solo towards the end of the track, add psychedelic- and experimental elements to the pleasant garage rock/indie rock sound of this new single.

For those listeners who are unfamiliar with Rattlesnake’s earlier music, George writes about “Crushed”:

What I would say to first time listeners is that if you want catchy, fuzzy choruses combined with touches of weird experimental textures, especially with the stuff we have planned, then you are in the right place! We’re aiming to get more experimental, whilst keeping the catchy side of our music intact.”

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