Sarpa Salpa – “Another Life”

Catching immediate attention right after the beginning of a song is no easy task, nor a minor achievement, as the world keeps moving forward to digital streaming services with so many artists and songs at our disposal it’s becoming so important to deliver such a straight and strong performance for a song to stand out.

That’s just what Sarpa Salpa did, with today’s new track: “Another Life”

A pop tune with a refreshing smite and unique energy. It’s not just the glamorous synths, the strong bass, the banging drums or the catchy vocals, the totality of this piece has a mind of it’s own as it softly reaches all the way through your body, making wherever you are your new dance-floor.

In a somewhat funny twirl, the up-bringing vibe of the song and the theme of the lyrics seem to clash in a funky duel.

As the bands puts it “Another Life tackles the idea of being completely head over heels in love with somebody, devoting everything to them. However, despite the warning signs, you cannot bring yourself to admit that your love is unrequited, your optimism outweighing what you know – that you’ll never quite have the love you’re giving reciprocated”… A little uncanny well known feeling, if I might add.

Apparently they have been swimming against the tide since 2020 ’cause of the pandemic, and they still have managed to release an EP, 2 singles, and a 10 date tour & socially distanced festivals and gigs. No shortage of commitment and dedication from this UK lads.

Formed by Marcus Marooth (vocals), George Neath (guitar), Ethan Whitby (bass) & Charlie Doe (drums) with Meg Amirghiasvand (synths) joining in 2019, Sarpa Salpa began by playing regularly in their local venues before heading to almost every corner of the UK, amassing a loyal following who appreciate their no-nonsense DIY approach to music.

The band kicked off 2020 with the release of their debut EP ‘Say Something’ and managed to sneak in a 10-date tour in February just before coronavirus struck. Despite missing out on several major festival opportunities including a BBC Introducing slot at the Great Escape Festival, Sarpa Salpa continued to grow against the odds with the release of the disco tinged ‘Forwards Backwards’ and indie banger ‘Stick to What You Know’ scoring them a slot at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend virtual festival.

Matters of the heart have always been a recurred theme along musical history, but I feel safe to say, “Another Life” spawns a new landmark of production, musicianship and delivery in it’s genre. The track is taken from their sophomore EP due for release on April 2nd which was written, rehearsed and recorded over some intermittent regional lockdowns, battling studio & rehearsal room closures, the track was finally finished just before the UK closed down for the third time in December.

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