Seaker “Ashes”

Today marks the release of a fresh new single from London-based artist Seaker and we are excited to share the news with you!

Seaker was brought up in a culturally mixed household by her Indian father and English mother, getting to experience a variety of sounds and tastes. Her father, a devoted record collector, loved listening to his records very loud in the evenings, and most of her childhood memories and moments have a soundtrack linked to them as a result.

Her own music came to be as layered as the memories of her childhood, with sounds ethereal, vast and encaptivating and her voice atmospheric, lush and hauntingly beautiful. Melancholy, hope, wonder, sadness and many more emotions lacing the melodies in her songs.

The new single, written during a period of elevated anxiety, features multiple layers of vocals, harmonizing and yet running in their own lane – showcasing how thoughts start to fill up the anxious mind, making it difficult to the person to have a clear mind.

“The past year has been rough for us all. A lot of artists are creating music squeezed out of strange and scary experiences of late, and i’m no different. I have thought I was losing my mind at times over the past months, and for some time lost the connection with music and artistry.
I tried again with no pressure and decided to write a song from the point of view of my anxious brain, and this is what emerged.
Music is a strange and powerful beast. It has broken and fixed me hundreds of times and if I’m able to connect with one other person through sharing my experience, then it makes me feel it’s worth it.
I hope you get something from the song and if not, thanks for listening.”

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