Tara Bridget – “Eighteen Again”

Do you remember being eighteen? I do, and I can tell you it was some of the best times I ever had, now at my happy 26 I tend to not look at the past and just live my present day, but sometimes, just sometimes, I travel back inside my mind to live again some of those cherished moments we all keep in the back of the trunk. Eighteen Again brings that personal emotion, that “coming of age” type of feeling, and Tara Bridget delivers a beautiful, mature sound with her great voice and her deeply sensitive lyrics.

Eighteen Again is the coming of age song written and composed by Tara Bridget, only moments before her nineteenth birthday. 

Produced and recorded almost entirely in her attic by herself (drums recorded in upstate New York by Clyde Glatter Mixed and Mastered by Nate Head), the single was inspired by a panic attack before her 19th birthday: One spent in the craziness of quarantine.”

As Tara tells us: “Eighteen Again is about an age left behind, one that is to be reconciled with its growth while also grieving the immaturity it enabled. Its the coming-of-age song that doesn’t celebrate being a teenager – it mourns it. But that doesn’t mean to say the party is over by any means. I learned that through making the song.”

And the song delivers just that, a somehow dreamy yet nostalgic sound, kind of a wake up call of what’s to come, the recognition of time passing by, and yet the wonders it can still bring, all engulfed in a wonderfully fresh mix of dreamy synths, gentle and aggressive guitars, and big steady drums and bass.

Gaining recognition from V Magazine and Quadio Media, Eighteen Again explores new and maturing territory in her alias as a pop artist – with shoegaze, indie pop, and lo-fi rock, with drum recordings by her partner Clyde Glatter. The two often make projects together under varying alias.

“It hit me one day – this is it. This is the song I’ve been always trying to make.” 

Eighteen Again started out as a journal entry the night before she turned 19. She left it in the dust and rediscovered it a month or so later and thats when she decided to begin the demo for it, to configure it into a song. “It hit me one day – this is it. This is the song I’ve been always trying to make.” 

Tara worked with Nate Head, the engineer on Clairo’s “Sofia”, for this new single, but even at her young age, this isn’t her first rodeo. Her first song was published on Soundcloud in December 2017, after deciding to leave highschool for online school, and it involved her singing over a free trap beat. The song garnered thousands of reposts in weeks following its release. Also, her hit single “Anne-Marie” was written about her mother, who sadly passed away, and the grief that followed her throughout her childhood.

Tara Bridget steadily advances through today’s musical landscape with a mature sound and raw vocals that inspire the young souls of her generation, ready to transcend into a timeless voice and spirit, one that might echo beyond her own self. So feel free to join us and travel back in time to those special moments we hold to our heart.

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