The Banquets “What Ya Sayin’?”

After a gripping debut with the single Red Sky Morning, The Banquets are back and determined to show their versatility and diverse catalog with the unashamedly and irresistible pop track “What Ya Sayin’?”

The Banquets are an alt rock/pop trio from Leeds with talent in their souls and ambition in their hearts. The trio desires to maintain the great tradition of British rock, and they enjoy creating music that mixes rock, blues, and pop music. Although the group gives off a slightly acoustic group appearance, they are not afraid to play with different sounds and defy their listeners’ expectations… Unless people expected catchy music, in which case The Banquets will always deliver!

Following their explosive arrival to the scene in 2019 and 2020, The Banquets keep charming their audience with their infectious energy and trademark enthusiasm. This time, What Ya Sayin’? is a more playful display of their ecstatic sound. The track’s release is accompanied by an entertaining music video that encapsulates the teasing, lighthearted energy of the track.

The track dips its toes — and then takes a full, self-indulgent shower in the giant lake of egocentricity. By watching the video, it is clear that the song is a parody of narcissism and self-absorption, and it works as an exaggerated and fun representation of it’s theme. At the same time, it still manages to instill boldness into its listeners. What Ya Sayin’? works as both a happy virus and a confidence booster; both two positive results that makes one want to give the track another listen.

Lead vocalist Gem talked to us about the creation of the song: “What Ya Sayin’? started with a catchy little riff that Leon had made up. Sadly, it kept getting rejected at band rehearsal – sorry Leon! Eventually though, after a few drinks and a smoke, it caught my (Gem) ear, so I started singing some lyrics over it, Leon then dropped in lyrics for the chorus, and there you have it, ‘What You Sayin’?’ was born! The song contains quite a lot of angst, which was building up before these lockdowns – it now seems quite perfect for the time.

Lyrically, I guess the song follows a bit of a loose femme fatale kind of character… with a very questionable mom. But mixed in with that is a subtle critique of the egocentric world, which is very much what the music video is about. We wanted to make something that was fun, playful and that reflects our energy on stage.”

The Banquets have intention to reinvent the wheel or change the game, but their risqué yet deep lyrics and real, delightful vigor is more than enough. The band has all the characteristics and elements needed to make a fan out of a first time listener. Hopefully, as time passes by and they release new music, they keep spreading joy to their audience and everyone around them.

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