“When Harry Met Sally” by Honey

Ah yes, the sound of drop dead gorgeous harmonies…

This is the refreshing sound of yacht rock reimagined – if ABBA had bumped into Fleetwood Mac, or Weyes Blood and The Lemon Twigs, if Scandinavia bumped into West coast USA, that Californian sound but with a fresh twist.

Allow me to introduce to you Honey: Magda & Miranda, who hail from Sweden, and tend to base their songwriting stories on characters and relationships. The polished sound of “When Harry Met Sally” leaves you feeling like you’ve wrapped yourself up in your favourite coat and taken a ramble along a familiar route with the one you love…

Check out the honey-sweet video (no pun intended) recorded in the north of Sweden featuring Miranda’s sister Elvira Nordstrom…

Their voices are captured around a single microphone that reveals their unique voices, harmonies and blend – the freshness of their sound is achieved thanks to the production skills of Isaac Shalam, recorded in London, mixed by Marco Casaluce (MARC&CHEESE) and mastered by Andrea Suriani.

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