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Creative solidarity, especially in the face of anyone who belittles the industry, is needed now more than ever. In the middle of everyone’s Lockdown X, many artists are struggling to keep working on their craft, and it’s a necessity for artists to support each other in any possible way. YNES, a straight-forward unconventional artist, understands this more than anyone.

Born in C but based and currently living in Canada, YNES is self-proclaimed “amateur musician, professional f*ck-up” with a strong eclectic sound reminiscent of the best of the North American DIY post-punk scene, mixed with the refined characteristics of Britpop. Her unique hybrid sound and direct lyrics set her apart in the busy world of music.

Her newest single “Better Job” is a snarky comeback not only to the people who mock her profession, but it’s also a hand raised against all misconceptions regarding independent creatives. 

The birth of Better Job was, unexpectedly, a remark from British politician Rishi Sunak. His comment on how “musicians and others in [the] arts should retrain and find other jobs” irked YNES, but at the same time it motivated her to write a 30 second long jingle to her social media titled “Better Jobs”. This short clip that would later on become a full song landed YNES on a BBC interview shortly after.

YNVES shared with us a more in depth explanation on the song, which highlights her disdain for society’s current opinion on artists. She says: “‘Better Job’, on the surface, is me being snarky about the UK government for three minutes. But it’s also about the common misconceptions that so many people have regarding independent creatives. The amount of people I’ve had look at me pitifully because I don’t have a corporate job in my 20’s. The amount of people who tell me ‘well, one day you’ll be fine!’ like – who said I wasn’t fine haha? It’s insidious, especially in this country, defining yourself by your career – and you’re labelled a slacker if you don’t subscribe to that mentality. I just wanted a little rant about it!”

The song is crystal clear. The hypocrisy from people who look down on independent content creators (or any type of creatives) yet still consume all sorts of entertainment without realizing it exits thanks to the people they belittle so often has been tiring from the moment it began, and YNES is not afraid to point it out for the whole world. With a rebellious guitar and strong-willed vocals, Better Job motivates others to keep standing up against anyone who dismissed the hard work put into their art.

YNES’ music is a breath of fresh air after a long shift in a job you hate and can’t wait to quit. Her direct to the point lyrics and the confidence she displays with her music and voice are addicting; not taking everything too seriously, she manages to make quality content out of some of the most ignorant of comments. 

To first time listeners, YNVES would like to say: “”Being British-Canadian, I’ve never felt as though my roots lie solely in Britpop, nor in Pop Punk. It’s the hybrid of genres that I believe gives me my own kinda sound. My lyrics tend to be straight-forward and sometimes self-deprecating, straying away from the typical symbolism and exaggeration found in more commercial sounds.

If you want to listen to an artist that feels like you’re having a nonchalant conversation with a friend, and perhaps a little less alone in the weird world, feel free to search ‘YNES’ on your preferred streaming platform.”

An artist that reminds us that being mad and desire a rebellion is a necessity in the present day. YNES is one of the many that stand up for everyone in this community, and her voice needs to be heard more.

If you enjoyed YNES’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile or Youtube channel.

You can also support the artist by streaming and sharing her music, which can be found in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Alterindie State Of Mind Female Rising Stars and Only Punk

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