Anaté, “Rio”

February 13, 2021

Salut tout le monde! Today we’ll be presenting the third single from the debut album by Anaté, a collaborative project defined by a downtempo cut, with influences ranging from Massive Attack (in the production) to Sade ( in the melodic and harmonic writing). I’m very happy of sharing with you this release!

Ana is a singer and songwriter based in Paris; she learned to play classical piano since a young age, which later on led her to explore different styles and to eventually write and perform music independently. She then happened to meet Milan-based producer Andrea, who had been focusing on writing his own music and producing local artists. Ever since 2019 they have been working on the material for the forthcoming album “Confessions”, to be released this year.

Par contre aux singles précédents de “Confessions”, dans lesquels on peut apprécier plusieurs des éléments caractéristiques du downtempo (les samples, par exemple), en “Rio” on trouve une production qui tel comme Andrea nous a dit, est construit avec l’intention de créer une sonorité inscrit dans le style du indie rock, mais sans abandonner la complexité des textures qui se déroulent dans les autres chansons d’Anaté.

When producing “Rio”, Andrea decided to go for an indie rock sound, without leaving behind the signature downtempo style of the project. The result is a very interesting proposal, full of life and rich textures that stand out from what you’ve heard around… such an unique atmosphere.

“The song was written when I was in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a song about life, about appreciating every moment, every person we met, every place we’ve seen. Funny story about the lyrics ‘neon lights midnight stop keep on driving there’s no stopping for us’ – they were written while I was in the car and we were driving through some dangerous parts of Rio where you actually don’t stop at a red light at night because you risk getting in trouble.”


La voix du Ana nous emmène par les rues nocturnes du Brésil, à la recherche du rien que l’appréciation du quotidien et de la vie elle-même. Elle me fait rêver à des plages et des lumières floues, à l’air frais et à une joie paisible; elle a vraiment fait une superbe travail en transmettre toutes cettes impressions avec l’élégance de son exécution vocale. Cette duo artistique est toute une découverte; j’ai vraiment une grosse envie d’écouter davantage de cet project et ne peut pas les recommander assez !!

The vocal performance by Ana is just outstanding; driving around the nocturnal streets of Brazil with nothing in mind but a profound gratitude for every passing moment and for life itself. Fresh air from the sea, brief glimpses of beauty and a calm joy, all of these impressions delivered by her voice. I consider this artistic duo a great discovery for anyone who is really enthusiastic about music; I honestly can’t recommend them enough!

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