Fly the Nest “Old Street Lover”

Music can be enjoyed in different ways and for different reasons, but a common practice is to put music as a background for daily life activities. Most (if not all) music can still be enjoyed this way, but there are some songs that you can sense were made to be part of a movie soundtrack, or maybe it’s a track that makes you feel like the protagonist of an exciting tale. 

I’m talking about the type of song that immediately fills you with energy and enough power to stand up confidently. Cinematic music, you could call it — and you better believe a new artist with a knack for cinematic-esque music is on the rise. 

Fly the Nest, byname Stephen Cooper, is a Dublin native who’s been in deep contact with music since he was young, playing music and performing in various bands for a while before he began his new solo project and current musical career. The name Fly the Nest is inspired by the many adventures music has taken him on, encouraging him to, well, leave the nest and find his own path.

When it comes to writing and composing his own music, Stephen also writes for sync (licensing). Working on film and TV writing has helped him open up another facet of his creativity, which can only mean more music and even better projects. 

His newest single, Old Street Lover, released on February 12 this year, was produced and recorded by Peter Doherty in Tyrone, NI. Old Street Lover is a hooking cinematic rock song about recognizing a lost connection and ultimately letting go. 

The track is energetic, jovial, and most of all, unwavering. With Fly the Nest’s trademark cinematic soundscape, and a beat you can’t get tired of, the song is easy to get lost in. Stephen’s experience from working in film and television can be felt in the storytelling of the lyrics, and the wailing guitars and hard-hitting drums heighten the overall feeling even more.

“This song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for,” Stephen commented.

Although there’s no perfect happy ending to their story, both the narrator and his old lover manage to end things on a positive note. The song leaves an uplifting message on how relationships do not need to end on a bad note, stating that sometimes it’s best to move on and keep the happy memories untainted. Both parties might not be best fit for each other, but they’re still able to recognize all the potential and positive qualities the other has.

In a world where negativity seems to prevail and rule over the positive side of things, a track like Old Street Lover is here to remind us that goodbyes and breakups aren’t inherently bitter or full of hatred. With both a driving beat and meaningful lyrics, this track is the perfect song to be encouraged and influenced by.

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