SWINE, “No Fightin'”

February 14, 2021

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday out there! Today we’ll be presenting you with a great idea for Valentine’s Day; listening to the new track just released by SWINE!

SWINE was formed back in 2017, in Swinton, Salford. Their debut EP, “Fools Britannia”, catches the rough and early sound of the band, setting the foundation for what was to come: a very fresh proposal of punk rock music that will most likely surprise you with their inventiveness. Some of their songs highlight current world issues such as classism, fascism and sexism, carrying on the quintessential punk beliefs while borrowing musical elements from ska and modern rock.

Just a warning before you listen to the first few seconds of “No Fightin'”: it is extremely catchy! An energetic rush that will make you reconsider the limits between punk and reggae, with plenty of really cool riffs and melodies all over the place, perfectly paced and smooth… SWINE manages to create a very distinctive sound that brings out the best of their diverse influences. The result is so good that the song will be over before you even realize it; you’ll feel like pressing the replay button right away.

Photo by Trust A Fox Photography

“We write music with an undertone of punk rock noise, mixed and merged into a mesh of different genres. Our new single No Fightin’ features a more melodic sound than our previous releases, with an influence of ska and reggae.”


I’ve heard that this band delivers quite a chaotic and energetic stage performance; even though I haven’t had the chance of confirming it by myself, I’m convinced about that after listening to this single. While waiting for further releases from SWINE, let’s enjoy this one and remember to be nice to each other!

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