“High Time” by Tasha Blackmore

You know what’s great about a short bittersweet tune? When it gets to the end you can play it over again, and again… 

But don’t be fooled by “bittersweet” – this is intelligent songwriting – her message is clear, and although it sounds like it’s coming straight out of Nashville: if Tasha Blackmore was standing in front of you giving you this message, trust me, it wouldn’t matter where you were, there’s nowhere to hide…

“I was inspired to write High Time based on the narrative of being in a toxic relationship that is just utter chaos, you know it’s unhealthy, but you’ve stuck around too long. Then, you finally have an epiphany, find the strength inside of you that you didn’t know you had to stand up and walk away from it, and emerge from the shadows stronger and wiser than you were before”.

One slight pity here – this little gem is short, but with stunning production and mixing, it’s the perfect 3 minute tune that puts you in mind of Carly Rae Jepsen meets Carrie Underwood however, I’m not doing her justice by comparing her to other “pop/country” stars, Tasha Blackmore is an artist dedicated to her craft, her storytelling songwriting style coupled with a passion for pop music where she combines the two, gives us this gift of her own unique sound…

“My song writing is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, I use it to heal, to grow and to understand the complexity of relationships be it family, friends or that special someone. I like to be brutally honest and open, something I can sing but that funnily I find so much harder to say”. 

There’s a smouldering star with a unique edge in Northumberland UK.

Excuse me for 3 minutes, I have a tune to listen to… again…

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