The Connecting Dots – “Oblivious Beat”

I think “wonderful” is the right adjective to describe what these two-piece band from Sweden have just accomplished in such a little amount of time. The Connecting Dots‘ debut album, Oblivious Beat is a true work of art, seamlessly united though and through; a world of its own created from night and neon bright lights. Passing through different moods, from wavy warm beach-worthy vibes to rainy highway runaways engulfed in a pink mist, this album has a life of it’s own that transports you to your own midnight-life movie.

Starting with “So Beau Monde” with a unique sound that hits you right away and presents the first lines of the sweet and sour tales you’re about to listen to, passing right to the second track No Rules which a shares a similar emotion to it’s former companion. Night Driver, one of their first singles, is about one a friend of the band who headed towards a breakdown and left his family and everything and just started driving… “He was gone for several days. Now he’s ok.” Second single “In The Movies” is a bit romantic and poetic, with a bass that reaches trough and holds out it’s hand to you in a certain mysterious way.

The Connecting Dots is composed of Helena Sundstrom on vocals and keyboards, and Johan Borg on “guitars and stuff”. The band has not been together for that long and they look forward to a world tour as soon as this corona thing is under control.

What’s more impressing to me is that the songs were written and recorded during a quite short period of time, from blank sheet to finished album in two months, in a kind of stream of consciousness mode. They wanted to keep some simplicity and not over-do or over-think anything. It was all about feeling.

What stands out more about the instrumentation are the beautiful retro-synths and the heavy bass driven songs, accompanied by lush guitars and the piece of heaven singing by Helena with lyrics that are beautifully written. My personal favourite track was somewhere between “Pure Horizon” and “Out Of Our Hands”, a tough choice as the first one has a very sexy bass-line and a daring bridge and outro, and the latter has a driving drum and bass that carries you through the whole song with a beautiful selection of notes and low frequencies, all textured by dreamy synths and rhythmic, lightly detuned guitars.

Most of the songs feature an element of escapism and all of them would make a great soundtrack to an imaginary film. The album has just been released on Direct Lines Records, on streaming and on vinyl, and I’m hoping to grab my own vinyl copy.

Not really much left to say about this album as music speaks better than words, so hurry and push that play button, let your imagination be tickled and create your very own movie and world.

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