Hendrix – “Gravity”

Gravity, the force that pulls us towards the ground, keeping us centered and on our feet, can sometimes feel too heavy when life gets a bit tough, and because of the pressure we tend to forget the beauty of ourselves, our uniqueness and our strengths. Remembering just how special we are can sometimes be a little bit tricky, today’s song intention is to make it much more easier for us. Gravity, the eight and final episode of a series, steps forward to help us remember that we are important, unique and special.

Accompanied by a very story driven animated video, the song slowly makes an entrance with wide synths and melodic voices. A steady and unique synth drives us trough what feels like a stellar voyage, finding ourselves covered with heavenly pads and bright acoustic guitars, while graceful details come in and out in a perfectly orchestrated matter.

Hendrix is composed by Ian Hendrix, songwriter and producer, Justin P Schmuckle (featured vocals), Georgia Van Culyenberg (backing vocals) and Carl Strand (acoustic guitar). Having known Justin since their early days in a local band from San Diego, CA called Empty Dot, Ian and Justin stayed close over the years developing material.

Ian then met Carl Strand working with Every Reason at the Del Oro studios in Studio City, CA. -“I’ve been a fan of his and his musicianship from the first time I heard him play”. -Ian says. He then met Georgia through Robert Eibach (Grammy award winning producer) at Del Oro studios. Since then they started what would be an eight song series that finds it’s conclusion with “Gravity”.

The single was recorded in Studio City, CA and engineered by Robert Eibach

The song was written before the series was conceived. Ian thought the placement as the finale was perfect because of the message he was trying to convey: “No matter what we go through, we have to remember we are somebody special, unique…“.

Influenced by all kinds of music, Hendrix tries to incorporate everything that inspires him and he hopes that people see the bigger message in the complete series. “We all struggle in this life. There are times when it’s going to suck! Gravity is meant to remind us that it’s important to never forget who you are. You are someone special!

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