Longsman – Such Beautiful People

Known for the already very pretty post punk Standing On My Own (2020) EP, Longsman released the most energetic and nostalgic sounding track yet: Such Beautiful People! The post is gone and what remains is (melodic) punk, the old kind, think Stooges, mixed with an 80s punk rhythm section and it works really well! Almost hard to believe it’s a bedroom recording, but it really is.

Longsman explains what the track is about as bluntly as the track itself: “A song about promiscuity and unfaithful men – from the perspective of a friend”. Genuine emotion and frustration about lack of love and loyalty to a significant other, that ruined her hopes and dreams.

And all this explains the raw punk atmosphere present on this very urgent track. Don’t let scum… Just don’t let scum. Simple. As the song concludes “Life is his playground game and I’m sure karma has marked his name”, hoping that comes as some kind of comfort. Let’s hope it helps.

Do keep your eyes on his output, it’s worth it big time. And for your convenience, he’s everywhere. Facebook? Check! Twitter? Aye! Spotify? Of course! Soundcloud? You bet! Instagram? Definitely! But what helps the artist the most in all cases is, if you enjoy their music, to support them on Bandcamp where you can provide monetary support and download Longsman’s music as well.

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