Hotel California “Trust”

Great stories and blockbusters may not all be the same, but it’s true that they share similarities. Some follow a specific formula to a tee, while others opt to include one or two of the classic and well loved tropes. A good example of a scene that’s guaranteed to be loved by an audience is a grand comeback, where they get to witness a hero come back to life or reappear after a long time of no news from them.

Today’s story is not a movie or a book, but it’s certainly an unexpected, yet very appreciated comeback. 

Hotel California, a band that first met the music scene in 2009, is back after more than a decade, and they bring with them a still distinctive sound that’s mixed with a maturity that can only be obtained over time. With this new rhythm and themes, they released “Trust”, a song about the importance of trusting one’s child.

With vocals that show both wisdom and a desire to keep growing, Hotel California’s Trust shows the thoughts of a parent who has to consider their child’s growth and how to be a better parent. With an easy going, up-tempo the track makes one understand both the father’s dilemma and the attitude of a child that’s learning to adapt to the world, slowly becoming a more mature and responsible person. 

Parenthood will always be a journey full of ups and downs, that’s a well known fact. The listener might not be a parent, or even an adult, but they will still be able to understand the narrator’s desire to understand their kid and strengthen their relationship with their child. 

Their sound is deeply influenced by Neil Young and The Pixies, and listeners will also be able to detect their inspirations and how Hotel California adds their own twist and touch in every track. 

Hotel California’s decision to come back happened after the pandemic started. The lockdown allowed them to think of their life and what goals they want to aim for and accomplish. During this time, they’ve written songs about friendship, a parent’s love for their children, and even a track about former United States president, Donald Trump. Hotel California is not afraid to try their hand in any theme, and their songs are a breath of fresh air from the current popular topics.

Every three to four weeks, with the beginning of 2021, Hotel California releases one new track, with the end result of 24 songs over 72 weeks. Two full new albums: Orange, full of more up-tempo songs, and Blue, made up of folk topics. 

They claimed that although their songs might not be magical, they’re all about topics that matter than to them. However, I’m inclined to disagree — every line, every note in every and each ones of their tracks hold a special charm that can’t be imitated. It might be that Hotel California has subconsciously created their own, unique type of magic.

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