Jesse Brady “Transformations”

Beginning her journey as a songwriter from a very young age, rookie artist Jesse Brady is more than an expert in conveying meaningful messages through the simplest of the words and some of the best joy-inducing melodies I’ve heard in a long time.

With this ability, Jesse aims to tell a coming of age story in her debut single “Transformations”. The song is a reflection of her own life and the inevitable change she went through as she grew up and entered new stages of life. It’s a story that listeners of any age can find themselves invested in, and a journey nobody should miss out on.

Jesse’s passion for songwriting comes out even when she’s not performing or working on a new song. She gave us an in-depth explanation of the song, going from talking about the overall message of her music to explaining even the smallest details and narrating the stories behind certain lyrics. Her love for her Transformations can be felt in the first note of the track, but it is only when reading her off-the-cuff exposition that one can truly feel the importance of this song in both her life and her career.

“I started writing Transformations, after I had graduated from college. Releasing Transformations may seem like the first step of my career in music, but just getting to this point has been a journey. The first few months following my college graduation from Belmont University, I was, like any recent grad, dealing with the loss of community and routine, and overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities a city like Nashville has to offer, but not quite sure of which ones were mine to cease.”

She proceeded to add: “It’s where the first line of the song stems from: Something happens when you grow up, I can’t hardly stand myself.” After that, Jesse also mentioned the story behind the following lines, saying they were autobiographical, too. “I had a crush on a guy who moved away, because he got a job out of town. I liked those lyrics because they created the sense that nothing was going right, and I thought it was funny.”

“Suddenly, I went from feeling like a kid who could conquer the world to an uncertain adult, faced with an imperfect world where things don’t always go exactly to plan. If life is a series of stepping stones, I thought to myself, it’s also a series of lakes, mountains, valleys, dead-ends, highways, pitstops, and more.”

“The pre-chorus and chorus were actually written about a year later, after I had begun working for an apartment complex and a Recording studio in Nashville, when I had found a sense of community again, and my inner strength was showing on the outside. I was able to look back, and see that a situation that was difficult for me had passed in time. The chorus is a reminder to myself about how to handle times that aren’t easy and periods of growth; dance, find a job, join a club, watch the stars…. lose the race and feel fine, stand on my feet one step at a time… we don’t work like remote control cars. I wrote the line about remote control cars, because I was thinking about how humans don’t come with instructions. It’s liberating in one sense, because we don’t have to be perfect, but it’s also scary, because there’s so much we have to learn as we go.”

For Jesse, the incorporation of humor in her lyrics is something therapeutic; it enables her to laugh at her own antics and her insecurities, as well as reminding her that she’s never alone. Everyone has different experiences, but there’s a chance some feelings and thoughts are universal, and Jesse’s writing allows listeners to find comfort in that company.

Jesse produced the track on her own, programming the bass, drums, piano, synths, pads, and even some of the vocals, which she recorded in her noisy apartment (though some vocals and harmonies had to be re-recorded later on). After that, Jesse contacted her producer Bill McDermott, to whom we can thank for the electric guitar and the rest of the percussive elements in the song.

Transformations features several mimicking sounds that were added in the later stages. Considering Jesse’s a fan of background vocals that mimic the main lyrics, they were a must in her track. Sounds like the cuckoo clock and a plane taking off help to represent Brady’s feelings at the time of songwriting and the experiences she was inspired by.

The song is also accompanied by a self-produced music video, made possible thanks to the green fabric Brady hung and the iPad her Grandma gifted her last November. All the animations and images featured in the video were added by Jesse after she downloaded and learned how to use Procreate. Unsurprisingly, she also created the album art.

In her message, Jesse mentioned how she loves storytelling and creating anything, whether it is songwriting, production, videography, art, poetry, theatre, or any other activity that allows her to be creative. However, even if she hadn’t said this, anybody who knew about her efforts would be able to tell. Her every action is an expression of love and they show the dedication she’s willing to put into her craft. It’s not every day that an artist like her can be found, so it’s best to keep an eye on her to make sure you’re not late to noticing a star in the making.

To any first time listeners, Jesse Brady says they should expect authenticity, honesty, humor and heart.

“They should expect interesting and meaningful production and lyrics that are relatable with a twist. They should expect to be kept on their toes with a hopeful message and a whole range of emotions. I hope they can enjoy listening while they get ready to go to work, or on a long car ride. I hope this song is a friend to anyone going through a difficult time… a reminder that it’s okay to look up at the sky and watch the stars and it’s okay to not have everything figured out, because no one does. After all, we don’t work like remote control cars.”

If you enjoyed Jesse Brady’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile or Youtube channel.

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