Kobenz “Sour Lemon”

Kobenz releases a new single today and we’re happy to introduce the song to you!

Kobenz is an alternative hip hop artist hailing from Minneapolis, MN. His musical career began during a stay in a hospital as a result of a traumatic relationship. On the road to recovery he began writing poetry as a means of therapy and eventually also started making music.
His music is the epitome of him willing to stand up against and confront his emotional pain instead of pretending none of it happened, and his music carries the importance of mental health awareness and self-acceptance:

“My goal is to always make you feel something, whether it’s terrified, happy, horny, sad, etc. Music is nothing without authenticity and emotion.”

The new song, titled “Sour Lemon” was born from a collaboration between Kobenz and a billboard artist Katy Rose, who has written music for Mean Girls and Thirteen. The song is in fact, a revisit to the 2004 Billboard hit “Lemon”, from the major motion picture “Thirteen”.

“Sour Lemon”, dark-sounding and almost menacing, is a story about escaping codependency of a toxic relationship, all whilst struggling being homeless during a pandemic.

“It’s a remake of Katy Rose’s 2004 Billboard hit “Lemon”, from the Major motion picture “Thirteen”. It was a collaboration with Kim Bullard (Elton John Band) and Katy Rose. It is a new genre I’m creating called goth rap or goth hyper-pop. It has 80-90s punk & grunge elements, early 2000s Goth rock, combined with the upcoming genre hyper pop similar to Ashnikko or Carolesdaughter. The song is about codependency and mentally battling whether, love alone, is worth staying in a toxic relationship.”

Kobenz is getting ready for his first tour which should start next year – you’re invited to catch his concert!

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