KinetiX “Clear to You”

KinetiX have begun their series of single releases and their speedrun to greater success this Thursday by presenting the electrifying and wondrous “Clear to You”

The band is formed by three brothers from the midlands, Co. Offaly, Ireland: Adam, in charge of the drums (and in their new makeshift studio, sound engineering); Theodore, the lead vocalist and lyricist; and Ademar, the keys, synths and guitar of the group. Music has been part of the siblings’ lives way before they officially started the band in 2019, and that previous experience along with the synergy they share as brothers and friends shines through in all of their works. 

With Clear to You being their most catchy track to date, KinetiX are slowly but readily exploring new sides of pop and EDM in their path to creating a new genre. For this track, the band worked remotely with Grammy-winning producer and mix engineer David Yungim Kim. 

Clear to You is, simply put, a daring track. By laying its cards on the table, the song challenges the listener to be honest with themselves and face their feelings. The lyrics can be interpreted as a story between two individuals in a complicated relationship, but there is an undeniable appeal to also viewing it as a monologue the narrator dedicates to themselves while they’re confronting someone. With lyrics such as “save me from the past” and “I can be your man”, Clear to You touches on the topics of improvement of the self and affection or infatuation. 

The accentuated beat and heavy base line that permeate throughout the song are akin to one’s heartbeat. An old trick that continues to be extremely effective and enjoyable, and KinetiX do not shy away from using common elements and owning them. The intensity of those sounds contrasts beautifully with Theodore’s poised and assured vocals, creating a captivating rhythm. Every element in this song is an invitation to groove. 

The Stones brothers have recently been able to focus on the finer details of their songwriting process and on learning more about producing their own tracks. With all the free time on their hands, courtesy of the lockdowns, their experimentation and general work has been able to develop more. Clear to You is enough evidence to prove they have spent their time wisely, and there’s no doubt that the upcoming releases will only show us more areas in which KinetiX has grown. 

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