Scalawag, “You on my mind”

February 18, 2021

Welcome to our lastest entry at Less than 1,000 Followers; today I’ll be presenting the newest single by the extremely talented, Vancouver based, young artist Scalawag!

Scalawag, also known as Teo Saekfow, is a Bi, multi-instrumentalist (Trumpet, Saxophone, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Ukulele and Guitar) singer-songwriter from Smithers, B.C. with ample exposure to music festivals and other forms of art from early age. His debut album was released in March 2019; Teo’s sound is reminiscent of Paul Simon, Hozier and young Leonard Cohen, incorporating elements from a wide array of musical styles.

Scalawag recorded this single entirely in his home studio; he highlights the importance of using real instruments in his work:

“It gives every sound more weight and sanctity, to know that it took blood, sweat and tears to get a good performance out of myself for every instrument, and to make sure everything is sounding up to par to a studio recording with session musicians and engineers.”

“You on my mind” is an endearing love song; the improvisational nature of the lyrics captures feeling and authenticity in a manner that most artists rarely do. The work that Teo puts into his instrumental performances really pays off with the richness of tone that permeates all the sound layers in this track; deep feeling found within each of the melodies he gracefully plays on the diverse instruments employed here.

“As the name suggests, “You On My Mind” is a song about infatuation in the early stages of a new relationship, when you can’t get that person out of your thoughts. I wrote the guitar in 2015, then I waited for inspiration to strike for the lyrics. It came 5 years later. one day in early 2020 when I was noodling on the guitar, I decided to try and make my partner smile by singing them a love song. I improvised the lyrics, and they just kinda stuck.”


Listening to this single and previously released material from Scalawag was such a rewarding experience; the thoughtfulness of his lyrics and the aural impressions left by his craft were outstanding! I wish the very best for this project, and expect to hear soon about further releases. In the meantime, keep on the look for the upcoming music video for this song, set to be published next Tuesday. Take care and have a great day, my fellow music enthusiasts!

If you enjoyed Scalawag music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram accounts. To listen to his music, you can head over to their Spotify profile and Youtube channel. For concerts songkick “from their sofa to yours” If you enjoy his music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download their music on Bandcamp.  

It also helps to stream and to share his music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Chill Folk AcousticFresh SinglesIndie OnlyLess Than 1,000 Followers and 12 New Songs This Week   

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