1.0.8. – “Life Express”

February moves swiftly and with grace, the clock of time keeps ticking and today’s song talks just about that. In this occasion we have the brand new single from 1.0.8, Life Express. What’s it about? Andrew Stewart (writer, performer) says: “I think the first line of the song sums it up quite well. ‘Riding the life express and we’re just holding on’. 

‘Life Express’ is the first of four tracks from 108’s second EP ‘Life Express’ due for release in June 2021.

Andrew’s voice and acoustic guitar are the first queue to the opening of the song, almost immediately followed by heavenly synth pads, guitars and a glissando that sounds almost like a train running straight down from heaven, ready to take us home… Or, as the song says: “Angels of heaven shine a light on me…”

Andrew hopes the track suggests something of the awareness of the big clock ticking. The chaos, brilliance, excitement and knife edge existence of life. The fact that we’re only here for a moment, and that life brings good things as well as throwing unexpected curved balls. To be aware of every moment, whether living life in full on party mode or basking in the more quiet, contemplative times. Everything to be appreciated and enjoyed, and nothing to be taken for granted! I love how this man thinks and of course his music!

“Whatever path we choose, we all die alone leaving behind the consequences of our actions, and we should always be aware of this.”

You can expect a folk rock tune filled with an upbeat country side vibe reminiscent of the likes of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. This song feels just authentic with a whole-lotta vibe of bliss and appreciation. A great tune to celebrate the joy of being alive, remind us to seize and love each moment that is given to us ’till the end!

‘Life Express’ is the first of four tracks from 108’s second EP ‘Life Express’ due for release in June 2021.

Originally from Glasgow, Andrew Stewart lives in North Yorkshire and works on a wide range of experimental visual and music based projects involving both internationally renowned artists and emerging artistic talent.

‘Life Express’ follows on from 108’s debut EP ‘Nine Times Twelve’, which involved a growing number of musicians and other creatives, with the idea of extending this process indefinitely in 2020. All tracks written and performed by Andrew Stewart (vocals & guitar) and all other instruments played by Jason Odle. Music was arranged and recorded by Jason Odle at Developing Sounds, Yorkshire, and mastered by Kevin Tuffy of Alchemy.

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