Ajanne Downer – L.I.L.Y

A young new wave of R&B artists and producers has been rapidly increasing over the last few years, and with the advantages of streaming we can now hear more and more of those young musical propositions from all around the world. Today’s artist, Ajanne Downer, is a quite young R&B artist who uses her captivating voice to fuse old school R&B/Soul music with modern hip-hop/pop music production, and her album debut “L.I.L.Y” presents a fresh, new approach to the classic 80s and 90s R&B sound, filled with unreciprocated love, and own discovery lyrics.

Making a fabulous entrance with first track We Got It“, L.I.L.Y immediately lets us hear the mix between classic and neo elements, bringing a new “modern age” feeling to it’s genre. A superb arrangement of keys, flamzy rhythm and a very dynamic bass sets the mood throughout the song while AJ’s voice delivers a confident performance.

Track two, So Simpleenters softly with a beautiful piano and keys chord arrangement with lyrics telling the difficulties of relationships when you “don’t know what’s going on”. AJ’s final vibratos on the track are a mind-opening statement for what the future holds for this rising star.

Track three “Kiss and Tell” continues with a romantic-vibe on a slow, underwater-feeling, sexy beat, and AJ delivering a fantastic vocal performance with sexy intention and falsettos that reach to heaven. All tracks were produced by AJ’s producer, Pham Rock, and in track four “Fool” he really took the ball out of the park with an outstanding latin-fusion style piece of art.

In AJ’s own words: “Lily is the story of me making bad decisions and my mental state and the aftermath of everything I did. Crushing on a close friend is never easy. “We got it” is how everything started and I began to romanticize the situation.

“So simple” is about how if we met at different times of our lives everything would be different. “Kiss and tell” is a desperate attempt to get what I wanted. “Fool” is when I come to the realization of what I made up and what is real.

Ceiling Fan is when I start to focus myself and gained a sense of who I am. And Dreamworld is the fantasy I never get.

AJ hopes that whoever listens thinks about when they were hopelessly in love with the wrong person or the right person at the wrong time. And I’m sure, most of us have.

A promising rising star with a big heart and a great voice, with music that sounds like a future glimpse of modern R&B/Pop music and we can’t wait to hear what she delivers next. I’m not gonna spoil the rest of the album for you, so, if you’ve felt what AJ felt, go give it a listen and let yourself feel.

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