Alessia “Like U”

It’s time to introduce another fresh tune. This time it’s a promising up-and-coming singer-songwriter who has released a new single with the most heartwarming and positive sound!

Alessia, originally from Italy, greets us from London. Her musical journey began when she sang in the choir as a young girl. There she fell in love with music and decided to take on her dream of becoming a musician, which so far has taken her to London and seen the release of three soulful singles (one of which is an acoustic version).
Her emotional vocals and relatable lyrics coupled with flowing and dynamic sound that feels like flying along the Californian shoreline leaves an unforgettable memory.

Her new single is a positive uplifting soul pop song with gratefulness and warmth all around the lyrics and the melody, feels like a warm cup of nice flavorful tea for your mental health. The lyrics touching the theme we all have been influence by in one way or another, feel soothing and remind to be grateful for people that are around in those times of need.

I wrote “Like U” almost a year ago, during the first lockdown. I was stuck in my room, far away from all my family and friends like everybody else. Things were changing very fast and it was scary! Somehow I felt very grateful for all the good people around me. 
It’s a joyful song to honor them and to remember myself that I am lucky to have them. I hope this positive feeling spreads to the listeners.
The melody stuck in my head for days, so I didn’t think twice and started working on it straight away with a producer.
The producer and I posted a video of us playing the song on Instagram and after great response from followers we decided to release it.

This new song, like the previous released, are influenced by many genres, mainly Pop, R&B and Soul, and by artists like Amy Winehouse, Lily Moore, Olivia Dean and Anne-Marie.
The melodies are very catchy and the lyrics are based on personal experience. That’s the way I like to express myself when it’s hard to do otherwise.

The young artist definitely has the kind of spark in her songs that promise great success coming on her way.

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