Pursuing one’s personal dreams is, was, and always will be a rewarding but tough pursuit for the mind, body and soul of the pursuer. The ride is always filled with rollercoaster ups and downs, a bit of love and a bit of tragedy. Confronting and accepting one’s own personal demons ain’t an easy task, but today’s artists uses comedy, self-sneer and metaphorical confluence to address mental health. I’m talking about non-binary hip-hop artist Ayspayadekay ((AKA Jared Jekyl), dropping their first release of 2021 “Bagel“.

Ayspay is a non-binary, alternative hip hop artist, comedian, actor, and playwright from Australia who presents a high-energy borderline chaotic approach to hip hop with metaphorical and cryptic lyrics. Influenced by many great MCs like Asap Rock, Childish Gambino and Busta Rhymes, they base their creative works on their life experiences with a satirical and self deprecating approach to content creation, and “Bagel” follows this same formula.

Bagel is a hard-hitting, vocally fluid, quite experimental hip hop/trap production that quickly snaps out at you with immense 808s and well-crafted punch lines, a magnificent production from the mind of Ayspay’s producer, DeliPres, carrying Ayspay’s lyrical momentum to concrete a fun, uniquely solid performance. Satirical, fast, and heavy hitting resumes the bases of this song quite neatly.

The track was developed from a hook Ayspay stumbled upon whilst traveling, and has come to represent mental health struggles and social pressures the rapper/comedian has faced over the years.

“I was about to get on a long haul flight from Hong Kong to Israel and was standing in the airport smoking booth when the hook came to me. In true Ayspay style it is a lightly comical, self-deprecating track charged with satire about my mental health struggles. People may say ‘you’re on a roll’ but that doesn’t always mean it’s what is going on behind the scenes. The song is a message to all the people who believe in me even when I have given up.”– Ayspayadekay

Ayspay has been steadily gaining momentum in both music and comedy, amassing over 3K fans on Instagram and catching community radio play nationwide. In 2021 they plan to release a string of singles leading in an album later in the year. Ayspay is also looking to perform as more live shows commence throughout 2021.

So, it you’re into massive 808s, quick metaphorical rap frases and experimental beats, this song is for you. You can also show your support by following them on their  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify, accounts, as well as their SoundCloud channel. 

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