Deanmoore “Three Steps”

Today, we are glad to announce that the Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands-based progressive rock band Deanmoore has released a new single, “Three Steps.”

Deanmoore was formed in The Netherlands in 2007, and currently consists of Nils Wiegerinck on vocals and guitar, Harmen Stortelder on bass, and Roel Stoltenborg on drums. After releasing their first EP, When Everything Seems Familiar, in 2009, they released a second EP in 2010, entitled The Storm Is Over, which was played on national radio stations such as 3FM, KINK and Radio 538. Following the release of a third EP, Caught in the Moment, Deanmoore went on a tour of 16 shows throughout the Netherlands and Germany, and performed live on national radio (3FM) in 2012. Then in 2014, they played at the Huntenpop festival, after having won the Achterhoek Band Competition. The next year, they released a new EP, entitled Illusions, which received many encouraging reviews and was “raw, energetic, and more complex than any of their previous work.” And in 2020, Deanmoore returned with a new single, “Cannot Run / Cannot Hide,” their current most-streamed track on Spotify.

As the band describes it, their newest single “Three Steps” is “a seven-minute melodic progrock roller coaster exploring different genres, tempos, and moods. It’s influenced by modern progressive rock bands such as Karnivool, Vennart, Leprous, Agent Fresco, and Oceansize. It sounds heavy, gentle, dramatic and cheerful at the same time. The big question is: how does it make you feel?”

To me, the gentle piano, and lush, reverb-laden guitar chords that introduce “Three Steps” sound at once pleasantly relaxing and uplifting; and the vocals, which evoke an almost pop-like sound, add nicely to the mellow, easygoing atmosphere of the track. The reflective passages of this song are later joined by a more distorted guitar tone, adding a heavy dynamic to the track while still retaining its calm, blissful quality; and the introspective lyrics of “Three Steps” also add to the dreamlike feeling of the track quite well. This track is a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend “Three Steps” to fans of modern progressive rock.

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