Kat Kikta “I Let You Go”

Multidimensional artist Kat Kikta continues her music career with the release of her second single I Let You Go. The melancholic and cinematic song shows a more relaxing side of Kikta’s musical work, all while employing some of the same mythical sounds that made her debut stand out.

Kat Kikta’s beginnings go back to the snowy mountains of communist-controlled Czechoslovakia, before she moved to London and prevailed against all obstacles in order to become a successful artist. She currently holds a Performing Arts degree and is a recognized actress and director, now starting her inspiring musical career. 

I Let You Go usage of exotic instruments and tranquilizing vocals transport the listener to a state of mindfulness. The song deals with the events that come after breaking free from the “wrong one”, implying that better days are to come after facing the hard decision of allowing yourself to be free and happy. For anyone who’s ever felt trapped in a relationship, and is scared of fighting for their own wellbeing or letting go of a routine, I Let You Go‘s theme of summoning strength and creating your own path will help to soothe their anxiety and push them towards the right direction. 

With sounds and lyrics that evoke healing and mental and spiritual enlightment, Kat Kikta’s music is just as effective deep contemplation, with the main difference of providing a pleasant accompaniment to one’s thoughts and dilemmas. Her art is completely natural, with most lyrics coming to her in moments of clarity, and a majority of her sounds can be found in the realm of spiritual myticism. 

CC: “Hello. So, I wanted to share some background story of my song I Let You Go. Well, it’s clear from the lyrics and from the name that it’s a breakup song, but that isn’t clear about it is the story behind it, obviously. I wrote it a long time ago — it’s actually the first song I recorded, and it is one of the first I wrote. I was in this platonic relationship that just wasn’t going anyone for quite a long time, and one day I just realized… and I saw the person for who they were and realized there is no way forward in here. It’s time to let go and let them ago. And I was cycling in London and I started humming this song, and I quickly recorded in voice memos on my phone and then I made it into a little song. Then I left it. And a few years later: another break up. And that song again reminded me and helped me to let go of the person. That’s when I — After that I decided to produce it and record it , so I did. But [the] most important thing I get about this song, and the reason why I produced it, is that it really reminded me to do what I deeply know is best for me, even though sometimes it’s really hard to let go out somebody you love. But the important thing is to be true to myself, and my path and my instinct. But also, let’s go with love and forgiveness, and best wishes. So that is what the song means for me. I hope that it will support my listeners the same way it supported me.”

The intention of her music is as pure as the songwriting and production process they go through. A constant in her art are the themes of self-improvement and growth — heavily influenced by Kikta’s own journey career as an actress, sound and video artist, and ultimately singer-songwriter. Through a combination of her experiences and the work she produces, Kat Kikta desires to help her listeners heal and re-kindle with their spirits. 

Her ambition is present in both of her singles, and we’ll be able to see more of it in her upcoming album Moldavite (coming this 2021). In the meantime, Deja Vu and I Let You Go show her audience different interpretations of reality and everyday stories, such as the complicated passage of time and letting go despite fear and insecurities. But even when Kikta touches on ache-inducing subjects, her work is a reminder of how there’s no dark and intolerable experience that can’t be turned into strength and power.

For all first time listeners, Kat Kikta would like to dedicate the following words:

CC: “Hello! I would like to welcome all my first time listeners, I am super excited that you’re here. My name is Katriana Kikta. I’m an artist, producer singer and songwriter; I work a lot with my voice, as well as organic, natural sounds that I record outside… or inside, and I mix that together with electronic beats, with music that could be called experimental electronica. My biggest influences are Kat Bush, Bjrök, Brian Eno, FKA Twigs, also Laurie Anderson, Portishead, Massive Attack. There’s some aspects of trip hop in my music as well. And I have an album of songs that I’ll be releasing over the next few months, so I’m super excited to share this with you. (Also) These songs will have music videos, so I hope you will enjoy it, stick around and be part of this journey with me. Thank you very much for being here, and I will see you in the next video. Bye.”

“It is my responsibility in this life to channel and translate the things that come to me and find the best way to bring them into the world through sound, lyrics, melodies & atmosphere so that they can move onwards on their own journey. It’s important they don’t stop with me, but touch other people the same way they touched me.”

If you enjoyed Kat Kikta’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel, or you can purchase her music in Bandcamp.

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