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This is a lot to swallow from learningtodive, Bravo Bonez’ 80s-90s music style identity, as we already learned here during the release of his previous single Rainbow Fall. But now Tainted is out, relying on the same production team that brought us good things in the past for learningtodive: Greg Haver and Clint Murphy. In addition to that, Andy Taylor has added guitar bits to this.

So what Tainted is about then, learningtodive kept it short: “A deliberately 80s-style post-punk pop song that attacks the glorification of the military, the military industrial complex and its corruption of our political processes, and the danger these represent to humanity. Our complacency taints us. The media is focused on the environment but as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says, nuclear war is as great a threat as humanity‚Äôs damage to the environment. They have moved their Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight, the closest ever.”

Whoa. Though with Rainbow Falls exclaiming humanity a number of times, it should come as no surprise learningtodive cares. On a global level.

And how it’s performed makes you feel this urgency, in a kind of dark, late 80s, early 90s, Depeche Mode fashion musically. Also a good reminder that not all wake up calls need to be punk, but can definitely be pretty and balanced new wave, bombastic with horn sections and massive drums included.

I was blown away at first listen, I mean, just the intro alone is one of the top intros of 2021 and the year barely started. And next listens make you keep discovering new things, pretty little details, so many layers. I think the only word applicable to this is massive. Do your ears a favour and give this a listen.

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