Lyon Tide, “Blind”

February 19, 2021

Welcome back to another Friday of new music releases! Hope you are all having a great day and that you are ready for today’s Debut Bands (Off The Radar) feature… we’ll be presenting the second single by English band Lyon Tide, and we are confident this track will be of your liking!

Lyon Tide is an indie, post-Britpop band based in Birmingham, integrated by Darren Barnard (vocals/guitar), Anthony La Pusata (words/keyboards) and Girish Patel (drum/bass). Their music takes inspiration from 80s/90s synth pop style. Their first single was released on January 1st, 2021, paving the way for their debut album, “Beginnings Of Ends”, to be soon released.

“Blind” opens up with a deep synth bassline, quickly followed up by strong percussions and smooth melodic lines from the keyboard, all falling right in place before Darren’s gentle vocals kick in. The listener is confronted with a fleeting feeling of melancholia underlying the cheerful mood of the instrumentals. The transitions between sections flow nicely, from the main part to the ethereal bridge (such an effective contrast within the track’s energetic nature) and to the final chorus reintroduction. This new single by Lyon Tide is just as evocative as their debut track, both of them able of transmitting heartfelt impressions and delivering quite catchy tunes.

“In terms of a message for first time listeners, if they like Keane, Kodaline, The Killers, Snow Patrol or anything from the 80s / 90s then we are the band for them. We have our debut album release in about a month which will be followed by a special EP and single release leading up to our next album which will be out towards the end of the year.”


Lyon Tide also shared with us some thoughts behind “Blind”, describing it as a series of realizations made after the end of a long-term relationship. In this sense, it further explores the ideas presented on their debut single, suggesting some recurring themes that we might expect to find in their upcoming album, to be released at the end of March. The personal experiences from the band’s members are definitely present in their emotive musical discourse and lyrics; this is why their music, besides being tastefully crafted, is also so relatable. Be sure to fully enjoy this great track!

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