Moon Museum – Pleasures of Peace

Melancholy is key on this one. On this brand new guitar and vocals driven track of Moon Museum the singer can be heard reminiscing “It’s okay, I dream about you anyway” about not very long ago: San Francisco before the tech boom transformed the area completely. And while Moon Museum can normally be found in the more shoegaze realm of things, Pleasures of Peace‘s acronym is PoP. And according to singer/guitarist Olivia Barchard “It’s also our most pop oriented song”. Coming full circle here. But fear not: it’s not too poppy. “We also encourage people to ascribe their own meaning…we feel the song has a universal quality to it.” and that rings true for many places that changed completely. But even if not, think of life before we were attached to our mobile phones (or vice versa).

It also has genuine quality for radio airplay: pleasant in the background and greatly rewarding to those paying attention to it. “Ben Hirschfield from NuTone recordings did a fantastic job with the recording and dealing with our uber perfectionism (not always a good quality). The pandemic really slowed things down, but we pushed through to get the three songs mastered and mixed. PoP will be the first release.” Maybe it’s just me, but I read excellent news between the lines here: There will be 2 more tracks! Greatly looking forward to those!

Upside of the tech boom is that it’s possible to follow Moon Museum everywhere, so check them out and show some appreciation on their official website. For social media you can follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts. To listen to their music, you can head over to their Soundcloud profile and Youtube channel.

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