notthatloud “You lmao”

Indietronica alt-pop duo notthatloud bring us the newest best song to chill to, with an unsurprisingly not that loud but still very catchy tune. Full of youthful energy, their single You lmao is reminiscent of the small things that come with liking someone.  

The German duo produces from indietronica to dreampop and lo-fi music, presenting varying sounds that all manage to carry a laid back, ruminative ambience. Many of their tracks have the dreamlike feeling that would fit right into video games such as Omori and Minecraft. Small details like this make their work distinctive and appealing to a wider audience.

The synergy between Rosie (vocalist, lyricsit, graphic artist) and Max (producer, composer, and audio engineer) allows their music to feel organic and whole, as one can get a feel of the enjoyment they felt while working on their tracks. The duo originally met online through mutual friends and the open world sandbox video game Minecraft and have maintained their friendship for over four years, two of them as the music duo notthatloud. Although they both come from very different music genres, with Rosie previously focusing on bedroom pop and Max on electronic and classical music, their differences have become their strengths and helped create some of the best parts of their actual sound. The variety and range they display in a single track (and by default, their entire discography) is captivating and a weapon they use to push the boundaries of any genre and their own creative limits.

You lmao conveys a person’s seemingly nonchalant attitude in front of a crush. The „lmao“ in the title is a reference to the ironic addition of the phrase when texting a special someone; an embarrassed attempt to downplay your emotions and intentions in front of the person you’re interested in. As someone who’s grown up with the Internet and is no stranger to shyly texting a crush, I ought to praise the title and how perfectly it fits with the track. 

The song contains a specific Internet vibe that can only be obtained by someone who understands the experience of living online. With the dreamy sounds and occasional glitchy effects littered throughout the song, notthatloud does an excellent job of emphasizing online interaction. Additions such as the sly, static “Rosie” that comes out in the second half of the song are part of another layer that shows the thought that was put into production and the desire the duo had to nail their theme.

notthatloud plans to keep experimenting with their sound, letting their curiosity run wild and take the reins. Together, they will keep challenging themselves and redefining what jazzy, lo-fi pop music can mean.

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