Poison Oak – “Sarah”

Powerful, energetic, sentimental, all in one, today’s new single “Sarah” tackles the much too often slow and difficult process of healing old trauma. An ode to angst and to realising that you can’t fix other people’s inner problems, with the best form of closure being to move on away from them.

From the likes of Bright Eyes, The Smith Street Band, or Gang of Youths, this five piece from Queensland, Australia, have captured a sensibility of raw emotive storytelling and boldly adaptive rock forms that resonate across the globe, finding new communities from Berlin to Jersey and their home town of Townsville.

Made up by James Balthes, Russell West, Ray Pearson, Lachlan Gleadhill and Chris Reiterer, the band is about to release their most mature body of work up to date, the 1996 EP, and “Sarah” is one of it’s banging singles, which will be sharing lines among the critically-acclaimed single: “Waiting”, released in last year’s October.

“Sarah” is right now available in Digital Stores and the “1996” EP will be released 19th of March. Starting with a soft introduction of guitars and voice, the track quickly becomes a punk-influenced, heavy, energetic banger, with vocal harmonies rarely heard in its genre, bringing a sophisticated approach to the mix with energy and skill.

As the songwriter, James Balthes brings a diversity of styles to the group through his experience of touring and playing with a variety of bands, as well as his distinct metaphorical story telling lyrics making Poison Oak’s music emotionally powerful, nostalgic and also just plain rock n roll with a sprinkle of soul and punk.

Dynamic, a bit somber, and a whole lotta rock and roll, “Sarah” promises to be one of the bands most successful singles up to date, carving the path for what’s cooking in the band’s musical oven. Their next EP is said to continue with the working class catharsis and rock’n’roll’s ability to connect with people’s enduring determination to defy life’s hardships.

So if you’ve dealt with emotionally unstable folks and had to move away from their downward energy don’t forget to support this project and to follow them on InstagramFacebookYouTubeSoundcloud  and SpotifyIf you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download their music on Bandcamp.  

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