Temperature Falls “Pass Me a Cigarette”

Temperature Falls has dropped a new single that marks both the imminent arrival of their 3rd album as well as their musical evolution and growth. We are happy to introduce the new song to you, dear listeners!

The group, hailing from Oslo and representing Norwegian sound, makes music that’s a blend of alternative rock, trip hop and a variety of contemporary sounds. The intriguing mix of inspirations get put together by Ian J. Ward and added the soothing and flowing vocals by Camilla, resulting in a truly eclectic sound, one that does leave listeners on the lookout for more.

The new single, marching forward in its armor of powerful beats and flooding guitars, tells the listener that you and only you know how to form your life best, and to ignore outside influences and expectations as they may not be a fit and make you suffer instead. An advice many people will need to hear, especially in these times.

“This song is about taking responsibility to make your own story, and paint your own life as you want it. Sometimes you get stuck, but that’s normal. Don’t stress to finish your story or stress to make your life move quickly. Just take it slow and form your life as you want it – relax, stop trying to live up to other people unrealistic and impossible expectations , often criticism from people we don’t know we listen to and stress about – why would you listen to criticism about your life from somebody you wouldn’t trust to get advice form about your life or decisions you make. So much pressure on young people now with social media and outside influence – and most of it is total bullshit 🙂 This is a running theme in the upcoming album from which this will be the first single. detailing that its not what you haven’t got you shouldn’t stress about, in most cases we should look up and appreciate what we have around us, family and close friends. outside of that it can just be perception and fakes.”

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