“The Bachelor” by Brophy’s Law

Ah don’t you just love this time of year, Spring is upon us, it’s beginning to feel a little less cold and the shamrock is growing in healthy clusters. The 6 Nations Rugby is in full swing, the Cheltenham racing festival is only a few furlongs away and St. Patrick’s Day is beckoning …

Fancy a soundtrack to all that and more…?

Brophy’s Law release their all-time favourite live track ”The Bachelor”, a strong traditional and authentic folk-punk classic sound with an alternative edge. As the John Peel Centre in the UK appropriately describes Brophy’s Law: “…where the Pogues meet the Clash”.

This single release follows the band’s recent “The Record Collector” which was aired on BBC 6 Music and “The Bachelor” is already scheduled for rotation on Little Steven’s Under-ground Garage show in the States on SeriusXM satelite Radio.

Neil Brophy says he wrote this at the age of 18 in the shoes of Shane McGowen, heavily influenced by growing up watching the Pogues performing in their glory days. They sang about the drinking holes of London and more drinking, a great recipe for this barroom classic, a song that paints a picture of a working-class guy who surrenders his life to the devil in “the jar” avoids marriage and drinks himself insane…

 Keep an eye out for their upcoming album which will be championed by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music among other notables. It’s an awful pity the pubs will be shut come Paddy’s Day but sure we can collectively lift a glass and toast “the Batchelor”…

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