Jack Goodall and the Kick – “Out Of Here”

Interesting, freshly unique and unexpected, a song that challenges today’s modern sound and composition. Jack Goodall and his new band “The Kick” have brought new energy and passion to the music this young composer has been making, and wants to let as many people as possible hear about it. Their new single “Out of Here” is just the first taste.

A song inspired by visiting a friend at the hospital, Jack’s new single talks about being surrounded by angels, either in a biblical way or just by people trying to help, both amounting to the same thing. The lyrics seem to fit with the forced convalescence being now experienced to greater or lesser degree in the UK, a fit that was, apparently, quite unintentional. Either way, the band’s musical proposition feels like a unique, somewhat theatrical experience, with a wide variety of instrumentation from piano, to cellos and electric guitars, with Jack’s voice tightening all together with beautiful and emotive energy.

Jack and The Kick seem to have a lot more material on the way, planning to release a new album as soon as they’re able to tour and give it a proper promotion. “We want to take people on the journey with us“. Jack Goodall is a singer-songwriter from Bromsgrove, performing his own kind of music. He has taken a unique and contrary musical path, at times funky and bombastic as with 2017’s ‘The Whole Thing Is Moving’ album, and at others, delicate and sedate. Last year saw the formation of The Kick, a powerful force that
became a regular fixture at shows and then at sessions during lockdown. He’s toured the UK, Ireland and Canada playing both solo and with band.

‘Out Of Here’ features co-writer Jack Smith on drums, Emma Reading on guitars,
and Rob Jones on cello plus Jack Goodall on everything else. The unexpected turns this song has keeps the listener focused and paying attention, as it is not your usual melodic structure. In spite of that, the whole song still feels like it’s own world, proving the band’s ability to create, transform, move in, move out and come back again in a seamless way.

Cello arrangements play a really important part as well as the piano’s melodic movements and chords, while the bass keeps a steady pace along with the drums. A rhythmic chant can be heard in the background of the chorus section, a little detail, but really glueing all together.

For first time listeners Jack wants them to know that they always keep it fresh and they’ll never get the same thing twice. “We don’t really think of style or genre as each song says something different.” We’ll definitely keep track of this young artist and his creative force, looking forward to what he and The Kick have under their sleeves, we know they’ll bring a much needed fresh air of musical composition.

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