Lazer Beam – Sno Burn

Every now and then there’s a track that hits me personally right in the gut because it’s simply thát confronting. Now this isn’t about me, though I have my struggles with self love and self care and that’s exactly the dangerous pit this is about. In the words of Lazer Beam: “It’s about having a great life and letting the little devil on your shoulder help you self destruct and start from the bottom again. Why do we have the urge to destroy ourselves when successful?”. And yes, that’s a question I’d love to have the answer to as well! But for now, I at least have a tune that’s something I can relate to lyrically.

So burn yeah burn
Yeah burn your sorry life down to the ground
Yeah burn fucking burn a stupid memory to the ground

Musically, however, I need a lot less words: This rips! It’s a ball of grungy raw energy that’s going like a bulldozer through anything and anyone. And to anyone who remembers the grunge era: fear not. Yes, the early 90’s had some great bands and even more “If you were to order grunge from Wish” variations hopping onto the bandwagon. Lazer Beam is definitely, and thankfully, not from the second category. And to make it even better: no yarling either. It’s just raw, varies in intensity, has a long instrumental outro, can be shouted along to. Year end lists are ought to include this.

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