Sam Way “Livin”

Sam Way marks a new era of his life as he steps foot into a more confident and hopeful mindset, as portrayed in his newest single Livin.

Beginning his adult life by moving to London to be a model right before his eighteenth birthday, Sam Way was both built and broken by those years spent in that field. It wasn’t until he came into contact with music by learning guitar upon his father’s suggestion that he found the one thing he’d love to do for the rest of his life. From then, his life started to change once again and to this day music keeps being therapy and release.

Sam has been capturing all important chapters and events in his life through his music and Livin is no exception.

Livin starts off with a slightly grim and angsty perspective, with Sam as the narrator stating dissatisfaction with life and the direction things are seemingly heading to. The track also touches upon the current pandemic and other struggles it’s brought on, which highlights the negative point of view and state of mind the protagonist is in. As the lyrics arrive, there is a slight change in opinion, where Sam is still in discontent with the current situation but now determined to do something to change it. 

The storyline, ending in a positive note as Sam chases his happiness while holding high hopes, is very linear and easy to follow, similar to a film that starts with a battered protagonist who, by the end, has learned to stand up against all odds and create their own, positive path.

The message of the song, prevailing and facing all obstacles without fear, can also be seen in the official music video for the song. In it, Way stands in a completely dark area, the only light being the one he directs at himself with a flashlight, representing his own hope and how he defies the world and its bad news.

“This song is a simple invitation to join a conversation. We can agree, or disagree, but as uncomfortable as it is, we must have it…and if we can all smile or dance a little along the way all the better for it,” Sam says about the theme.

With a track that starts off in isolation but slowly progresses into joy and the feeling of finding company and comfort after walking through a long dark tunnel, Sam Way delivers an accurate and emotional representation of the lows and highs of life. The message of hope is palpable, especially at the end of the song, and leaves the listener feeling at ease.

Sam Way plans to continue shining his light as brightly as he can by releasing six more singles this year, the next release being on the 19th of March.

If you enjoyed Sam Way’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out his official website. For social media you can follow his Instagram and Twitter accounts. To listen to his music, you can head over to his Spotify profile, Soundcloud and Youtube channel, or you can purchase his music at Bandcamp.

You can also support the artist by streaming and sharing his music, which can be found in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Indie Only, and Chill – Folk – Acoustic.

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