JV/ZUU – “The Drip”

Outstanding, authentic and fun, today’s fresh, fresh, fresh, new single from international super duo JV/ZUU (Jhonny Voltik and ZUU), “The Drip” brakes all creative boundaries and brings a very much needed, well-crafted, masterpiece. Highly energetic, purposely chaotic and an over-the-top lyricism flood this majestic production from start to finish.

Songwriter and lyricist from New York, Jhonny Voltik, and producer ZUU from London, are an international super duo who decided to team up once they saw their live music industry carriers destroyed by the corona-pandemic.

Despite being unsigned, unmanaged & completely independent, their debut track ‘The Drip’ has been synced to a national TV advert in the USA for Zaxbys and it is currently being broadcasted across 25 states. And without surprise, “The Drip” is a genuine pop-cultural expression full of dazzling creativity and metaphorical rhymes that would’ve made Tupac proud.

The single is full of metaphorical lyrics and with several references to other musicians, artists, actors & various pop culture films. With it, a lyric video was released to accompany the musician’s vision, really bringing the lyrics out to life.

The Drip is set to be the first major release from a number of collaborative works between ZUU and Johnny Voltik. Prior to the pandemic, ZUU was the tour manager & mix engineer for platinum selling artist: Kelis as well as mixing other big names such as Rhye, Django Django, Nilufer Yanya & Pumarosa. He has also previously supported Ouri, Hot Sugar, and for his most recentperformance at a secret warehouse, Fourtet.

Johnny Voltik’s early 2020 consisted of touring India with a headline slot at the Asian HipHop Festival in Goa, and was expected to breeze through a 50+ show tour including a primetime slot at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La stage, however due to the pandemic this was put on hold and his focus was moved to performing in the first virtual reality music festival in history, Lost Horizon Festival. Previously JV has supported many big names, including Busta Rhymes, NERD, and Damien Marley to name a few.

The obvious holdbacks throughout the year have drawn these two talents together to focus on their strengths in the studio. Teaming up as a production duo they are planning on dropping an EP in spring 2021.

Mixing a classic 70’s funky style vibe, with retro 80’s synth “nintendo” arpeggios and banging modern production techniques, this formidable duo really knocked the proverbial ball out of the park. Did I mentioned the lyrics were outstanding? I can already picture Run The Jewels with a big smile as they listen to this authentic banger.

We are very eager to hear what this pair has to offer for the next few months, and know for sure that we will be covering them right here as soon as we can. So don’t forget to support this project and to follow them on InstagramSoundcloud  and SpotifyIf you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support you can download their music on Bandcamp

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