Steven Reinhardt – “Down To Earth”

To talk about love is to talk about life, and seeking validation and wanting attention in the pursuit of it covers almost throughly the struggles of us humans to find it. But not everything is struggle, it can sometimes be just the cheesiest of experiences, a warm, bright and colorful delight, just like today’s song. “Down To Earth” talks about the journey of a man seeking a woman, finding her, and going through all the efforts to make her love him back.

A catchy, pastel-colored tune, that oozes gooey lovelust, Reinhardt’s new single might as well be the soundtrack to your favourite love movie. What started as mindless tampering of an OP-1 Synth quickly evolved into a colourful concoction when Reinhardt enlisted Lawson Kennard (bass) and Conor Anderson-Vague (drums) as session musicians to heighten his layers of airy acoustic guitar, whimsical piano and playful programmed drum beats, all of those recorded in the bedroom of his parents home.

The glorious section of brass was post-recorded at Highway 9 Studios by Sean O’Sullivan, with Tom Edwards on sax and Aryo Hall taking the trombone. Both of them giving just the final details to make this song stick with you like sweet honey.

Accompanying the brightly cellophane wrapped exterior, the dreamy ‘Down To Earth’ has a gooey lyrical lovelust centre. “It’s about wanting attention and validation. The lyrics mostly tell a story about someone pursuing a girl, which was first hand experience for me at the time of writing the song. I had just come out of a 4 year relationship and was dating people on dating apps and it was just awkward and messy for the first few. I’m better at it now,” Reinhardt laughs.

The smooth combination of every element in the song makes it easy and pleasant to listen to, finding yourself wanting to hear it again as soon as the song ends. ‘Down To Earth’ is the third single release from Reinhardt’s upcoming EP Soft Serve. Following ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Some Kind of Love’, Soft Serve offers a burst of dopamine, consisting of short and sweet tracks from a pastel pink palette of uplifting and colourful love songs, and all things cheesy, to give listeners a quick fix sugar high.

Melbourne music chameleon, Steven Reinhardt, is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer. While being the frontman and keys player of four-piece psych-rock outfit Universal Outcast, Reinhardt has also appeared in various solo forms. But now the 25-year- old is embracing his birth name for his latest solo endeavour.

His new solo effort is said to be an extension of himself, allowing him to embrace aspects that may not be accepted in his day-to-day life. Radiating all shades and colours of his personality and life perspectives, Reinhardt projects a kaleidoscope of range. Steven Reinhardt is eccentric. Steven Reinhardt is bold. Steven Reinhardt is colourful. But most of all, Steven Reinhardt is real.

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