To.Do.List “Teetering”

Falling in love is one of those feelings that will completely encapsulate the being, and if this happens to be a mutual feeling…
A young artist, having experienced all these feelings of warmth and fluttery, has released a new single that could be described as a smoky quartz sphere of love.

Behind the moniker is an Manchester and Hull-based artist named Carmina. Her childhood was infused with music as she grew up touring as a part of family ensemble, and now her music has a wide variety of influences from folk to 60’s psychedelic music and reggae. Lyric-wise, her inspirations come from life experiences.

“My songs tell tales of tinder dates with powerful auras, being lost and in love in the city, odes to self expression and folky story telling lyrics, often with handpicked dreamy guitar, sometimes with a reggae or jazz twist.”

She debuted with a single named “Sobering News” in 2020, which found support from John Kennedy in Radio X. This year, she has a fresh new double-single!

The song titled ‘Teetering’, inspired by Argentinian tango, is a swirly layer of echo from a love song from the 60’s combined with the wonderful ecstatic machine percussion skipping, dancing and galloping and Carmina’s lush deep vocals running a story of falling in love without realizing it. The tune’s whole atmosphere has this smoky feel reminiscent of old movies with young gentlemen and ladies carving their way to unison, and the fine dust of love in the air. The drum machine most definitely resembles the racing heart!

“Teetering is about acknowledging you’ve fallen in love, without being ready. It paints a picture of dates, and falling head over heels for someone. It’s a healthy, slow growing love that builds, reluctant to name it. From drunk nights in bars to running home in the rain, it’s a song about an unexpected, protective love.”

“First time listeners should expect a blend of crooning and story telling with modern synth and drums. Floating and layered vocals with a poppy coming of age feel, perhaps even slightly Bond theme tune.”

Side B contains a remix of the single giving the atmosphere an additional layer of static electricity.

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