Steelyard “Don’t Let Go”

Positive vibes, they have become more important than ever for many of us. In the light of the current circumstances where uncertainty and fear are all around us, we all could use a song that’s full of positive tones. Fortunately there is a new single that has both positivity and also the warmest sound you could ask for!

Steelyard is a Dutch duo consisting of producers Frank Leemhuis and Wanter van der Veen. Together they combine their forces and take influences from a variety of genres ranging from electro to pop, and create their own sound without boundaries, unique and still accessible. The result is a raw driving force of emotion and will to live. Gentle and raw at the same time.
Previously they had released a three-part album called No Dimensions, full of lush alternative sounds.

Like many others, the duo had plans of touring and playing gigs, but as they saw all that running into quicksand, they took on a different idea: to write a new single. Inspiration from that flew in from synth-laden sounds and the warm 80s.

The song, full of soft clouds of positive vibes, is marching onward with a powerful beat as if it’s saying nothing can take us down, not even a worldwide pandemic. If you inspect the cover art, you’d see Venus on it, and that gives a hint of what the lyrics are about. It’s a pure-of-heart love song full of longing, doubt and fear:

“Lyrically it’s about love. He adores her with all his heart, but feels that this is not enough. He’s afraid she doesn’t feel the same way. ‘Your Feelings are my home, your soul is in my bones’.”

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