Suray Sertin – “Super Good Times”

Super good times are a bit hard to come by nowadays, wether because of the pandemic or simply the general vibe of the year, slowly making its way through and out of this challenging times. Luckily, Montreal’s own music producer, Suray Sertin, has channeled all of his good vibes, a little bit of his own self, and portrayed today’s musical “super good” journey.

Suray has been labeled as one of the most “promising and innovative” musical artists from Montreal, and now he has dropped his refreshing new single with the help of Free 99 Records. The song feels like a sweet ride, one you make with you friends, especially when you’re young, driving down the highway, all the way to the beach. Sun, sand, music, girls, great landscapes and overall, great friends. Super Good Times.

A beautiful and original tune, extracting vibes from the likes of Harvey Sutherland, mixing organic sounds with digital textures. This track creates a climate of good nostalgia and joy into every passing second. Somehow it feels like a cherished memory, one that you kept under your bed, or in the bottom drawer, adding to the collection of family trips, and high school memorabilia. While it as well sounds knew and undiscovered.

Suray’s goal was to innovate as much as possible while keeping a sound that is proper to himself, to make a song that forced him out of his comfort zone. “In other words, my goal in music is to create a different world in every song I produce, a soundscape that reflects a different part of me each time.” says Suray.

If you yet don’t know him, Suray Sertin is a Montreal based electronic music producer who attracts his listeners to his timeless universe, creating music that sounds familiar while giving the impression that it comes from another world, another time, another era.

Super Good Times can be hard to find, but not today. Suray promises to bring a new and fresh sound to electronic music all around the globe, and we will be there when he starts releasing more music.

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