Adam Oubkou – “Involve Minds” EP

This week we’ve had a couple of great young artists in our blog, and I insist that a new generation, a new wave of young talented artists yet untouched by music industry’s nuisances are afloat and upcoming. A much needed refresh of today’s musical atmosphere is at hand, and each genre has slowly been creating a new face to be represented by. Electronic music, specifically Minimal Techno, has breed a new spokesman, a 21 year old Italian producer, who announces himself with a 4 track EP of uncompromising and affecting minimalist techno. 

Adam Oubkou is a young music producer from Italy who’s had a passion for electronic music since a young age and has dedicated years to the production of techno music. He now presents his second release “Involve Minds” with the help of his label  Punch Up Records. An introspective, meditative state of mind can be achieved as one listens trough the dual emotions of each track.

Dark, yet simple and promising, in it’s whole the EP brings the possibilities of contemplation, but it is always “singularly and unmistakably focussed on the shared experience of the dancefloor”. Starting with “Get“, a single loop themed song that stretches all the way through the end without the complications of feeling repetitive, Adam achieved this with the soft and precise mixes of dynamics and in-n-out percussive elements.

Second song “Open” brings out a more experimental feeling as he uses drones and repetitive tuned percussion, only to attack unsuspectedly with a powerful kick. Once more he uses minimal instrumentation and melody, one of the basis of Minimal Techno, to achieve a wide sensation of space and time.

“Involve Minds showcases confidence, maturity and an understanding of simplicity that can take years to master. At the same time, the EP is unashamedly raw and unfiltered. These contrasts took root in the recording process itself. All the tracks on the EP were made in the same way: loops at the ready, each was performed and recorded live.” Bandcamp.

There’s an aura of mystery around Adam, as even his own label has never seen his face, yet alone heard his voice, the only way they communicate is via Whatsapp. Is Adam maybe a government AI gone rogue who decided to embark on a musical journey?

At the moment Adam is dedicating himself to the production of his first album, a project he considers a musical and spiritual journey, and we are eager to hear from its release as we wish the world to this new up and coming producer. Remember to listen with an introspective intention.

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