Babybl.u – “Highs + Lows”

Pop music is ever-changing, with each generation there’s a transformation and everything that was before leaves a print. And with each generation comes new challenges, new ideas and points of view. Today, we will take a look (and listen) at how one young artist took her personal experiences and used them to create a song that addresses issues that fit in a whole generation, with the intention to help others process their emotions and feelings in a positive way.

Highs + Lows is a pop song that feels as mature as it feels youthful, an immediately striking, thick and wavy rush of emotions. After gathering several thousands of streams in Spotify, a UK tour, and receiving high-praise from major indie blogs, babybl.u is now launching her first hit-single with total resolution and professionalism.

In her own words, babybl.u describes this song as “modern angry girl music “. She pulls inspiration from all the women in the music industry and she is ready to get her music out with her 100% DIY attitude and her natural charisma.

The song started with a demo recorded in her childhood bedroom, then developed and produced in collaboration with long-lasting friend David Flahou and taking influences from bands like The Neighbourhood, Wolf Alice and Foster The people. For her own vocal performance, she mentions people like Lorde, Florence + The Machine and Stevie Nicks for their delicate yet adamant performances.

What stands out more in this song is the quality in composition and production. Everything from the bass, drums and the light airy ambience seem to sit right in their place, but at the same time creating a sensation of open, vast, musical possibilities. At moments if feels as if Tame Impala and Lorde had a child. And of course, babybl.u’s voice brings it all together.

She explores the theme of being stuck in an un-healthy relationship, where the other person’s hot and cold attitude makes your own feelings dependent on their behaviour towards you, pulling you from highs to lows at their own will and damaging you to your core.

The purpose of the song is “to make people realise when they are treated poorly and encourage them to leave in time in order to protect their self-worth before it gets destroyed by the dictation of someone else’s actions.

High praise is due to this young artist and what she has accomplished to create, a true well-made, mature yet youthful piece of work that we hope gets to every needed ear in her generation. And of course we hope to hear more from her soon.

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