Jon & Abbie, “Still Life”

February 26, 2021

My fellow music enthusiasts, make yourselves comfortable for another New Music Friday feature! This time we’ll be exploring the most recent work from Jon & Abbie, and I’ll just say it right away; you don’t want to miss this one!

Jon & Abbie, the collaboration between British musicians Jon Sandman and Abbie Loosemore, both of them active in separate bands (Pylon Heights: synth-washed indie rock and Maud: post-rock shoegaze, respectively) yet eager to engage in further musical creation. The influences present in this project go from Simon & Garfunkel up to Sufjan Stevens, including bands as The xx and Foals. It was during last year’s lockdown that Abbie started writing the lyrics of what would become her first collaboration with Jon; after writing on guitar, they incorporate keys, synths and drum machines in order to convey their shared musical vision to its full extent.

Now let’s talk about “Still Life”, the main track from their upcoming EP. Before you even realize it, you’ll find yourself immersed within an ambience of very modern synths and guitars pertaining to a timeless present; grounded by the freshness of Jon’s vocals while simultaneously feeling elevated as a result of the instrumentals’ powerful effect… the duo manages to bring together the impressions of otherworldliness and organic experience, Abbie’s lyrics definitely playing an important factor in this very special trait.

“Still Life is a track we wrote about the aftermath of one reckless night. It’s a track that we feel encapsulates that heady feeling of moving on. We wanted to make a soundscape which reflected those blurry, exciting moments of being with someone new, those moments are also like a trance or a dream that you wake from in the morning. This is what we wanted to get across.”


The impressions that Jon & Abbie transmit with their music are the result of a complex combination of feelings, such as loss, love, the appreciation of solitude and the excitement brought by new beginnings. This single is a really captivating piece, bound to get you flowing into the expectancy of unknown possibilities… a great way of getting the weekend started, for sure!

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