Kite Thief – Sweepstake

Kite Thief has already made name in alt rock/prog metal with their previous 3 singles, but with a twist: sugar sweet sounding vocals and right when you’ve become comfortable with them, a lioness gets unleashed out of nowhere. Sweepstake feels like this is going to be “the ballad” for a whole 15 seconds, but fear not: the thick riffs and solid percussion work have returned and it turns out to be an anthemic rocker once again, with a really nice dynamic set of hooks, the way it kicks in again around 3:10 should be absolutely killer live as well!

And while “take me, take my body, you can use me” sounds banal at first, the meaning is quite a bit deeper than that: about how easily we sell ourselves on social media… and for how little return (often not even in real currency) we’re willing to give up a lot of our privacy. And they’re right. That’s also the point they’re making, everyone knows this is how it is and not many seem to make a problem of this and its online manipulating that happens as a consequence. While normally people would have red flags as response to what social media demands, the social criticism is somehow underwhelming. And yes, that’s an issue.

Ironically, your support on the various social media platforms (where they’re being themselves, rather than catering to any wishes just for likes) would be absolutely appreciated. And they’re everywhere! Their own website, a bandcamp profile, instagram, facebook, youtube and spotify: tick ’em all! Wherever you go, you’ll be embraced with a good dose of loudness from these 5 Bristolians.

It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists:  Less Than 1,000 Followers,  Fresh Singles, Hot Stuff Metal, and Sickest & Dopest.

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